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Los Tanyaderos
1 Los Tanyaderos
The double CD set is $30.00 plus $2.40 sales tax (CA residents only) and $2.00 shipping and handling per CD set.
"Los Tanyaderos" is an ensemble of two to ten performers who are unique and talented musicians of various ethnic and classical instruments. Each one is capable of performing individually or with the ensemble and they have very diverse and active careers as performers and musicians. Los Tanyaderos is dedicated to the preservation of the ethnic music of endangered cultures. At the present time they specialize in Sephardic music and concerts of international themes in more than a dozen languages. The most common instruments are the Oud, Flute, Drum, Mandolin, Kanun, Nay, Violin and Piano. Los Tanyaderos produced a double CD of Sephardic songs in 1999 called "Kantigas de Mi ChikÚs" (Songs of my Childhood),
Weight: 1 lbs.

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PMB 447 P.O. Box 57037, Irvine, CA, 92604-3718
Phone (949) 786-5157 Fax (949) 786-6771
Email info@lostanyaderos.com

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